Photo of the outside of the Taufer Dormitory building
By Florian Nadge (Own work)

We have arranged for an inexpensive option with a local university dormitory. If you’d like a more comfortable place, there are plenty of hotels around the venue and in down-town Brno. We’ve listed a few good options for hotels below which have kindly offered a special rate for GUADEC participants.

Taufer Dormitory

The Taufer Dormitory (Tauferovy koleje) lies in a quiet neighborhood, with excellent public transport connections both to the venue and to downtown Brno. You can either share a room or have a room to yourself. Between every two rooms, there’s a little kitchenette and a bath room. Note that even if you are staying in a single room, the bath room is still shared with the other room.

You’ll get a small towel and soap at check-in but plan to bring your own too.

Rooms are equipped with wired Internet connections. The dorms are able to provide ethernet cables if you ask at the reception but they only have a small number available. The GUADEC organization can provide cables for those who need one and will do so when delivering badges or on request.

Wifi is available in the lobby, which is ideal for all kinds of hacking and chatting.

The dormitory address is Jana Babáka 3, Brno.

Tram line 12 has a request stop in front of the dormitory (stop name “Tererova”) and takes 15 minutes directly from Brno main station (Brno hlavní nádraží). See Local Transportation in Brno.

Note: You can reserve a room at the dormitory when registering for the conference. Payments are to be made directly to the dormitory at the reception when checking out.

Prices are:

  • 310 CZK per night/per person, shared room
  • 420 CZK per night/per person, single room

(optional) Breakfast is served from 7:30 to 9:30 and is available for:

  • 100 CZK – large continental breakfast buffet per day

(optional) Fee for kitchen equipment:

  • 120 CZK

Hotel Avanti

The Hotel Avanti, a comfortable 4-star hotel, is fully air-conditioned and offers a wellness center as well as a bowling alley. Make sure to reserve as soon as possible, only a few rooms are available:

  • Single room – 1250 CZK (~ 49 EUR) per night per room
  • Double room – 1300 CZK (~ 51 EUR) per night per room
  • Triple room – 1500 CZK (~ 59 EUR) per night per room

Registration should be done through their website’s form. There is a note field where you should then write the keyword “Guadec”. Select “Payment on Arrival” and finish the booking. They will then contact you by email. You can also contact them directly by sending an email to and mentioning the keyword “Guadec”. The hotel address is Střední 61, Brno.

Hotel Vista

The Hotel Vista, a cozy, 3 and 4-star hotel, offers a wellness center and a bar. Make sure to reserve as soon as possible, only a few rooms are available:

  • Single room – 1200 CZK (~ 47 EUR) per night per room
  • Double room – 1400 CZK (~ 55 EUR) per night per room

Registration should be done by sending an email to and stating the keyword “GUADEC VISTA”. The hotel address is Hudcova 72, Brno.